First Post to a New Host

So, this is my first blog. I have multiple other long lost blogs across the internet, but none contain anything very interesting really…a fiction story journal with my friend Isabelle, an old college blog just filled with verbal abuse/banter between me and a long lost friend, an old Uni blog that I gave up on before it was even started. I do have two personal online journals, but there’s no need to name which site I keep them with, as they are completely locked and private anyhow.

I’ll be using this blog to review, discuss and analyse things. But mainly to procrastinate against higher priority tasks, which will probably debilitate any potential productivity I fancifully strive toward.


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  1. Well, welcome to wordpress. I was blogging on this site for two years before someone taught me how to make a website here, and it was only then that I saw how BIG this place is, how many people there are here. Those kinds of numbers are rather daunting to an aspie, but I suppose others like the crowd — safety in numbers, and all that. I for one would find your poems and reflections and thoughts very interesting, I think. I can’t go near raw fish, so I can’t help you there. And I don’t play electronic games, so I can’t help you there. Can’t give input on much that’s out there in the post-modern “culture” (I really dislike calling it that), but things from YOU, from Ruth, would probably be very engaging. Good luck with the blog.

    • Thank you very much. I’m aware that Asperger’s is different for every person, as in it affects you in a unique way to how it affects anyone else, and I would honestly like to learn more about that, having known “an aspie”, as you say, before. Of course that’s not what defines you though, reading your blog I can already see multiple things make up your identity, so don’t worry about judgements.

      I’m aware also that my blog will be hugely inconsistent, which is a bad thing for bloggers I hear, but I just didn’t want to limit myself to only one voice as there are many in my head, one day I’ll write about media, the next I’ll write about the weather or a thought in my head, and I hope that the variety will be interesting or engaging like you said, even if it’s irrelevant. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, I appreciate.

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