To hell with the devil…make life your own

I always had the view that you should make life your own, rather than just fantasising about the life you don’t have. Contradictory, for I am a serial escapist, and enjoy nothing more than fantasising about what life could be…depending what TV series I am watching, book I’m reading, or music I’m listening to.

I’ve never wanted to be anybody else, I just mean the essence of that greener grass, the life of adventure you see in fiction, the one you want because you can’t have it. But you see my view was always that you CAN have that (within reason), you just have to MAKE it happen. If you want a life like in Sons of Anarchy, go and get a motorbike and join a gang. If you want to be like Dr House, go to medical school and get started.

OF COURSE nothing is this simple; you’d have to be very delusional or naive to believe this, BUT (within reason, like I said) you can steer your life in certain directions you might not have thought you could. Sometimes this simply involves not complying with every social norm, ignoring something rather than actively seeking something.

I’m not seeking anything right now, to hell with it all, and to hell with the devil…

This song also played on the Ca$h soundtrack, a very brilliant and underrated film which you all need to see.


2 responses

  1. You are so into the scene that’s going on out there in the young world, and here I am this old crone that doesn’t care about any of that, and I feel like I have nothing to say about most of what YOU say. But steering one’s life.. I have the older person’s backward-turned perspective that says that luck plays into things very significantly, and is totally random, and I don’t hold with the saw that some people use: you make your own luck. There is a great RANDOMNESS to living, and some people fall almost always on the wrong side of that randomness. Others fall mostly on the right side, and others get a fairly equal mix. And because it is so random, it has very little to do with one’s own efforts or errors in judgment. Bye for now.

    • Inevitable at the moment…being surrounded by media/music and my job including it means I am infused with the latest news and vibes, but I’m ok with it, as I’ve selected my interests and it keeps me entertained. When I refer to directing one’s life I don’t mean literally that everything is controllable, like I said that would be very naive, I just meant one has more power than they probably think over their sense of self, which I’ve proved to myself over time. I don’t mean that someone can decide to get rich and instantly do it, random things happen, one can’t predict. Life is indeed as you say, a series of random events. I don’t believe in fate or luck, just the power of the human mind, our decisions, and being in the right place at the right time…most of the “good” things that have happened to me have been completely random, opportunities springing up…but always related to a decision, even something small like deciding to get an earlier train to a place. However I WISH life were controllable and less random sometimes…because then I could have avoided the worst times of my life….I kind of have to write about current things and my interests to distract myself from the many bad things that my mind still hasn’t in any way resolved. Your comment makes perfect sense though, and I agree, which proves how contradictory life is. Thanks for commenting by the way, I got your email just now too, and would be curious to read. I’ll email you tomorrow from work :) hope you’re ok

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