Avoid at all costs: Burning Bright

I feel embarassed on behalf of the makers, and feel sorry for the director Carlos Brooks or at least whomever approved this hilarious creation, and it really doesn’t warrant a full length review from myself personally, because it speaks for itself.

That having been said, at least it was everything I expected it to be; read the premise and you know you’re in for a hilariously bland plot, typical horror movie format, farfetched scenarios and ridiculously cliche close-calls. What horror movie would be equipped without them? The only difference is that decent movies have something more to offer; a twist, thrill or some underlying message, or just basic semblance of intelligence/style.

Only watch this if you’re stoned, so bored that you cannot physically be rendered any more bored, or ill in bed taking the day off work.

Sometimes ridiculous or rubbish premises actually make brilliant or entertaining movies. But this definitely was not one of them.


4 responses

    • Yes I have indeed, when it was in cinemas, I was scared more by the handkerchief than anything, and found it fun because it was so cliche. Not the best work of Sam Raimi but it was reminiscient of his classic form, and worth seeing, I tend not to take his movies too seriously because they’re much more enjoyable that way; snatches of scenes are excellent but middle sections/pacing is sometimes slighty off. What did you make of it Jess? Also apologies if this reply is nonsensical i’m writing from my phone

  1. I thought it was good too. I liked the campiness of it. And I have the same feeling about movies, if you go in wanting to have run versus anything else, it makes for a far more enjoyable experience. But I know people who hated it so much they walked out of the theater.

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