Just a few of my top films

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Only 15 of the first ones to pop into my head. Many are missing.

1)    A Clockwork Orange
2)    Lost Boys
3)    The Idiots
4)    Freaks
5)    Groundhog day
6)    Tideland
7)    The Sopranos
8)    Logan’s run
9)    Fight Club
10)  Creepshow
11) Beetlejuice
12) Edward scissorhands
13) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
14) Natural born killers
15) Vampire hunter D

4 responses

  1. I had to change 2 movies from my list. I had A Clockwork Orange and Groundhog Day in my post, so I got rid of them. I replaced Groundhog Day with my second favorite Bill Murray movie, The man who knew too little. I see you like a lot of the older movies.

    • I do indeed, the older movies seem to have much more charm, nowadays blockbusters mostly leech of past successes by spurning out CGI remakes and endless franchise sequels.

      I do like modern stuff though, mainly in the indie field, and what we’re able to do with new advancements, our changing culture reflected in the films. I think there’s still room for new styles, even though a lot has already been done, and the genres already created.

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