What’s the most expensive object you’ve ever touched?

Moche Ear Ornaments. 1-800 AD. Larco Museum Co...

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It has to be an object, not housing or actual money.

I just held a £12,000 ring in my hands, and I’m not sure if it’s the most expensive thing I’ve held. I’ve probably touched more expensive art work or museum pieces, maybe even other jewellery I have forgotten, because none of it is my own.

So, what is the most valuable object you have ever touched or held?


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  1. I’ve poked one of the original Boba Fett costumes, and touched one of the life-size Noobian N1 starfighters both from Star Wars. Both would be worth a small fortune if Lucasfilm ever decided to auction them off.

    Wow, that makes me sound SUCH a geek!

    Ooh! I also used to change the computer backup tapes for Tesco’s head office. The data on those tapes was worth… well, it contained the backups of everything that their HQ did, so it was a Hell of a lot!


    • Why am I NOT surprised to hear that you’ve touched some of the geekiest things ever haha. But the Tesco backups tapes is a bit of an odd thing, can’t say I expecting that. I know your job deals with everything computery, but what’s your official job title? I’m guessing it’s not ‘computery-guy’

        • “ICT Network Technician” sounds very businessy haha, my new theory is that you’re from Men in Black, and as well as changing the Tesco hq tapes, you’re hacking to find alien info, track them down, and kill them. The only alien you ever showed mercy was Aimee, because she’s a beautiful alien that you took to be your wife. The End. *gets this published in WH Smith*

  2. Mind-boggling posting, I share the same views. I wonder why this amazing scene really does not just think similar to us along with the blog site owner :D

  3. For me, it’s a Macbook Pro owned by my boss at the office I work on. :D I actually don’t need that expensive machine for my work. A regular laptop with Windows XP (I don’t like 7) and Ubuntu (this is a must) LTS will do for me. Still, you know, someday I may buy a Macbook Pro. :D Maybe just to show off that I use an expensive machine. :cool: ;)

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