“Paris Hilton mauled to death” [Terrible Thursdays]

Mug shot of Paris Hilton.

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“I’d punch Paris Hilton in the face, she’s so far up her own arse, and her voice is the most annoying I’ve ever heard.” – Gill, at lunch today.

Many people share Gill’s view, because Hilton is famous for being famous, which equals infamous. This means we have to hear about her new love interests; her most recent being Cy Waits. And we have to see her smug smile all over the magazines as she laughs off the recent Las Vegas cocaine bust. And don’t even mention her attempts in the film industry.

Just by writing this blog I am hypocritically perpetuating her infamy. And these little facts I’ve included are things I know but simply never wanted to know. Because I absorb media, and she’s all over it, I am forced to hear about her.

I really don’t care about whether she’s a nice or deep person inwardly; her vapid media presence is what bugs me. I can’t hate someone whom I do not know, but I can see why Gill and many others can.

So, on this Terrible Thursday, my evil thought is about the funniest ways in which Paris Hilton could die. Note: I do not wish anyone’s death, I’m just thinking about the funniest titles that could crop up in the media announcements of her death.

Example: ‘Paris Hilton mauled to death by pet piglet’

So, if you dare, what do you think is the best way she could die, or funniest news headline?


11 responses

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    • Yes, this is all your fault! Therefore I am acquitted of all responsibility haha. Over here it’s the morning of Terrible Thursday already, I forgot it’s probably still Wednesday where you are. You know, the only two British people who’s blogs I read are people I know in real life, anyone else I read comes from America. Then again this is an american site. *shuts up*

  2. I have maybe 3 or 4 people that read my blog on a normal basis and none of them are from the US as far as I know. Most people here don’t like to read anything that hasn’t been a movie. (twilight, harry potter, lord of the rings…Q.E.D) To be honest though, I was quite surprise that anyone reads my blog.

    • That’s true, mainly with regard to Twilight haha. I only have a couple of people who read mine regularly really, and I feel the same surprise, as my film rants are mainly for my own amusement.

    • Oh no it’s still doing that?! there was confusion because I changed my domain to mycityshy.com, but not cityshy.wordpress.com, I have no idea how I can get it to stop doing that because in my domain section it says my primary domain is http://www.mycityshy.com which is fine, I guess I’ll ask in the forums how I can get it to stop mistaking me for cityshy.wordpress.com because that’s never been set as a link here. Thanks so much for pointing out, really need this fixed

    • Ok, I just read some things in the support forum and have changed something in settings, do you think you could please let me know if it’s fixed it? As I’m not sure it would be accurate for me seeing as I’m logged in as me

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  4. It seems to be fixed. This is going to sound dumb, but for like a minute, when I first clicked on it, I actually thought about “What if she is just a 52 year old liar?” haha. It would have legitimized the claim of all the people that tell me I’m an “old soul”…whatever that means. At 22 it seems like an insult as much as a compliment.

    • HAHA, funniest thing I’ve heard all day. People did used to say I’m an old soul, because I usually had an older group of friends etc, and views that were apparently beyond my years. I guess now that I’m in the twenties no one really see it that way anymore, as it’s just expected. My next post will be about knitting and keeping cats for company haha!

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