Erm dude, where’s your skin? Cabin Fever 2 and American Movie

American Movie

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Cabin Fever 2 was just what I expected; boring, amateur, and dragged on too long. That having been said, the animation/cartoon snippets in the title sequence and at the end were very good. I also liked the gore, and enjoy seeing bratty High School teens die (who doesn’t?).

The best part by far was Mark Borchardt as Herman the cab driver. At first I thought I was going mad imagining that it was him, but no it’s definitely Borchardt from American Movie (you have to see it if you haven’t already, truly one of the most hilarious films).

In Cabin Fever 2 he just basically plays himself, he is such a character in reality. “Dude” being the most heavily used word in his vocabulary. He belongs in way more movies, don’t you think?


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    • Haha, no I think it’s funny to both US and UK, so no license needed. It’s American (not a Brit satire at all) and is a documentary that just follows the lives of two amateur movie makers, their dialogue is so genuine and hilarious. On there’s a video that explains really accurately why it’s amazing if you wanted to test the waters before watching

  1. Hi Ruth,
    Do you really have to have a license to appreciate British humor? I’ve loved Monty Python ever since I could turn the TV on. Yes, it’s sometimes a little dry, but to me that makes it even funnier.

    Oh well, that’s just me.

    See ya,

    • Haha, not at all, but Nathan Marcello’s license joke rings true, a lot of people outside of the UK do find Brit humour a bit alien at times. Personally I have always loved Monty Python also, and Faulty Towers, Only fools and horses, etc. But I appreciate most forms of humour, be it from the USA, UK, France, wherever.

      Thanks for your comment Gregory :)

  2. Cabin Fever 2…
    Hm, I liked the first one and was excited to see the second one.
    As time went on during the movie, I was literally starin’ at the t.v. screen like “What the F?…”
    But they did do a good job on the gore. :]

    • Haha, exactly! It gets so beyond ridiculous, as if the first one wasn’t enough. All one can do is lap up the gore, and grin devilishly as they see someone get their skull pummeled into the ground. I take pleasure in these simple things :P

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