I killed your partner, so The Tournament begins

After watching The Tournament(2009) I am left mostly unaffected. But the film wasn’t trying to be emotionally powerful, so I suppose this near impartiality is acceptable.

It’s what you expect an average gun-slinging assassin movie to be; without any of the awesomeness the Kill Bill movies had, but with a prompt pacing, vendettas, and a slight twist. Despite being predictable, and not exceeding any expectations, it was nicely cast, acceptably made, and there were no drastic errors.

DON’T watch if you’re looking for something stylistically new, emotionally/intellectually engaging, or rivetting enough to hold you on the edge of your seat.

DO watch if you appreciate guns, lots of them, and explosions. Also if you’re familiar with The Vampire Diaries, you would be pleased to know that Ian Somerhalder plays an assassin called Miles Slade. I do genuinely think he’s a really good actor, and of course Kelly Hu and Robert Carlyle are great.

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    • Yeah, it definitely has nothing on Battle Royale. This film was pointless, but I like watching pointless things before sleep. I admit I watch a lot, more than I dare to post about (have a zillion drafts of things I mean to review soon haha). Also, there were films on the indie part your favourites list that I hadn’t heard of

      • Lately I’ve been watching a lot of older movies. Today I watched two movies with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. They work so good together. I watched Stir Crazy first, because I hadn’t watched it before, and then I had to watch Hear No Evil, See No Evil after. I’ve never been much for writing movie reviews. Whenever I’ve tried I basically just tell people what happened.

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