I can’t update, fear of failure :(

The All-Nighter

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Not properly anyway. Until Monday’s disastrous clinical aptitude exam is over. I’m not expecting to pass because it was years ago that I had to do any maths, and even with these past couple of months revision, the time limits in the exam are the real problem.

I can do the calculations, I’m not thick, but with 1 minute per 4 questions, I need more time to prepare.

Really nervous about Monday, but all I can do is keep studying like I have been. UKCAT just isn’t my thing, give me a proper medical exam and I would do better, or a complex analytical essay. I’ve done more challenging things than this before, but it’s sometimes the “simple” but very time-limited things like this that get to me.

The thing that lets me down is the panic when it comes to time limits and maths. I came out of school years ago with a very good grade, but even so, I still feel hopeless.


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  1. I’m not sure if it’ll help you, but I always read the question and if I don’t know exactly what to do then I skip it and go to the next one. As long as you don’t panic if you don’t know 3-4 in a row it helps to make sure that you do the problems that you know how to do without having to rush. Just try not to get stuck on any problem until you have read/tried all the questions. That’s the best advice I have.

  2. Dear Devil,

    After you have successful passed your exam I expect you to continue to comment on my useless posting and maybe start to click on random things on my blog, thus fooling me into thinking people actually read it. As per the agreement, there shall be plenty o’ blog posts for you to read when you return.

    The Blog-ternally Damned

    • You were right, I passed! Thanks for the advice btw, I kept it in mind. As for the Devil’s contract, I shall certainly be catching up with and commenting on your posts ASAP, whoever said the Devil doesn’t care lied. Devil + WordPress = content.

      The Devil

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