Ted Bundy strikes again

…in drawing form. This is just a sketch, whilst I draft ideas. I’ve adapted his appearance for an animation project I’m working on in After Effects CS5. Taken on my iPhone so excuse the quality, or lack thereof.


10 responses

    • Feet are kinda gross. I think Bundy had a fetish for most parts of the body, and removing them…though they say he removed pieces just to make them more easily disposable. If that was the case though, why did he keep hold of some of the parts for long periods of time? Perhaps also for disposing them in a batch, hence they found multiple jaw bones in different states of decomposition.

      < My random thought process haha

    • Haha yes I read about that in a medical book once (I think ‘Worst Medical Mistakes’), because the fact they used these X-ray machines so frequently, especially on children, meant a lot of them developed cancer and blood poisoning :S not so fun for them, but hey it was a cool idea at the time

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