The Walking Dead. Are you excited too?

The Walking Dead (TV) comes out soon, just in time for Halloween. Directed and part-written by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, and Green Mile). It’s about time zombies came back to the spotlight, too much focus has been on sparkly vampires, like Edward Cullen in Twilight, in recent times. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires, but I prefer the Anne Rice ones. The one thing I’ve always loved about zombies is that their mission is simple: eat brains. The brutality and necessary survival strategies that emerge in anything zombie related means that, even if the story sucks, I’m not left entirely disappointed. If you haven’t read ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies‘ by Seth Grahame-Smith this is a prime example of how even in book form zombies can make things awesome.

For the record, the story-line of this series seems good, just one man waking up in hospital to find the dead walking, his wife and kid missing, and he has to search for them at the same time as fighting for his life.

Check out the trailer: 

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    • Generally, yes that’s true, most vamp-fans fantasize about that. Not me though, I certainly don’t want to live forever, in fact when death comes I wish for complete non-existence, as opposed to a Heaven/afterlife, or immortal vampire existence. The thing I always loved about vampire fiction is how they dealt with the concept of death, rather than just the eternal life part. Anne Rice portrays the torture of eternal life, as opposed to just making out it’s appealing to live forever, she highlights exactly why it isn’t necessarily desirable.

      My favourite book was The Vampire Armand, she somehow makes so much suffering beautiful. Seeing as you enjoyed Dracula, if you haven’t read Armand, you should really give it a try

      • Ha ha, Hope you’re kidding. :| We have an internet speed of average 15 kilobytes per second and a daily power disruption of about 8-10 hours. So, you know it’s nightmare to watch it online. I do download videos but TV shows; no! I’d download it if it was a movie, though. :D

        Off-topic: What is the best horror movie you’ve watched?

        • Haha wow, I did not know this at all!

          As for your question, best horror movie, hmm that is such a difficult question, I can’t pinpoint just one, but if I had to I would maybe go with Creepshow (1982) because although it’s horror it’s also darkly comedic. How about you?

  1. The Walking Dead has everything to be a great Tv Show!!
    I’m reading the comic book and it’s a wonderful story about survival and hope, with a lot of violence.
    Can’t wait :)

    • I love the comic book too, exciting violence and struggle, the type that can work well as a film, tv series, and in book form. Nice to see you can’t wait either, hope you’ll review it in your blog maybe :)

  2. I can’t remember of any movie that actually scared me and brought up nightmares ;) But in terms of thriller movie, I liked the Saw Series though it’s actually a movie more than serial killing and horror. The worst thing about this movie is you have to watch simultaneously all 6 sequences or else you’ll not understand the story.

    Waiting for Saw 7.

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