Not looking good

Strange how sometimes I can detach easily, and switch between subjective/objective when necessary.

Today I’m finding it difficult though. Hormonal? Possibly. But mainly it’s surprise; Mr Anonymous seemed so happy and well last week, but today he’s been shaking loads, too weak to even speak, and the other Carer has told me it’s time to mentally detach a bit, which is code for ‘he may be near death’s door’. I can’t accept that right now, even though it happens to us all, and it’s part of the job. I imagine it must be worse for Doctors, especially because patients can die on the table and leave the Doctor feeling responsible, even when there really was nothing they could do.

I think absolutely everything can be taken as a learning experience.


3 responses

  1. I’m sorry about Mr. Anonymous. I hope he feels better or relaxes a bit. It sounds like a difficult situation you’re in and I’m sure you’ll handle it well.

  2. Death is a weird thing. I went to my first funeral when I was 8 and all I really remember was a painting that was in the funeral home. I would paint every detail still. It was a dreary looking landscape with a fence as the main focus but in the background you can see a farm house and pasture. It was probably some gas station painting but it is ingrained in my mind.

    P.S. You should check out the movie Spiral if you haven’t watched it yet. I think it is something you would enjoy.

    • You’ve made a return to blogging yay! I must say I’ve been absent a while too. It is indeed strange how the brain can capture an image, and keep it forever.

      Ooh just imdb’d Spiral and I don’t think I’ve seen it, but you’re right it looks right up street of interests. Most recent film I saw at the cinema was The Last Three Days, with Russel Crowe, I thought it was quite good, in the sense that it achieved its goals as a thriller with good pacing.

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