Where would you most like to go?

Having just gotten back from Orlando, Florida, where temperatures soared even among indecisive thunderstorms, I’m now craving an arctic adventure. One day, further on in my medical career, I’d love to work and help out at the Inuvik Regional Hospital, of which I’ve heard good things, how it challenges future doctors on their electives, and has a superb E.R department and team. I’d be happy to go there during the 24 hours of perpetual daylight in one season, or 24 hours of night that the local’s are accustomed to during their drastically contrasting summer and winter, because either would be exhilarating and challenging. I want to feel the crunch of untrodden snow under my boots, the bite of cold on my nose and cheeks, and appreciate stepping into the warmth of indoors after an adventurous day snapping pictures of the vast lakes and landscapes. I wonder what wildlife is there, and whether you’d need a guide to avoid dangerous creatures.

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