Some of the blogs I read

These blogs are in no particular order, and the descriptions are not comprehensive. But here are some of the blogs I like to read when I find the time to get on WordPress, so please check them out.

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Not Your Average Geek: Definitely far from average is my friend Rooney who I’ve known for years and who thankfully hasn’t changed a bit. He’s the king of all geeks and can probably quote every sentence from anything sci-fi or tech related. His comments on everyday life and the frustration of things like moving house, bin men and car repairs can’t help but make your day.

Geminibe: One of my favourite people, this girl is unstoppable, when she’s not blogging she’s running around, working and charming the socks off everyone she meets.

The Great Unrest: A friend of mine contributes to this blog, which you should read if you want to keep up to date with the world.

Marcello: Long-term blog buddy, and probably the most versatile blogger I know, writing about anything from music, movies, random thoughts, to quirky facts, and events both past and present.

Other blogs I enjoy, all of which use a personal perspective to explore life, the universe and everything:

AIS JournalBraonthreeRaywoman, Ninaheika.

Germguy: Fascinating even if you aren’t a scientist or microbiologist, an educational and informative blog about things even the eye can’t see.

Best blogs I’ve recently come upon:

But I’m beautiful: Every post is of interest however vast the topics, offering the perfect mix of quirky comments and thoughtful observations on life, the universe and everything. This blog has a nice personal feel that makes it addictive.

Science 3000, Exploration of Concepts: An interesting combination of science, ethics and philosophy, writing of things from angles you may not even have thought of.

The New World: Collaborative and excellent writing by Rooney and Steve.

Tyranny of Tradition: Always amusing, from music and movies to history and news. One particularly enlightening post is titled ‘Researchers Say Hitting Yourself In The Face With A Hammer Could Potentially Be Dangerous

Tsactuo: Honest and insightful observations on life and human nature, proving that although life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns it can have whatever meaning we apply to it.

Flick Freak Diaries: Excellent movie reviews, and definitely the blog to go to if you’re wondering what film you should watch or avoid.

Jon Water: This blog talks about life from the perspective of organic living, health and the power of mind over matter. An interesting take on being active in life, and certainly an active read.

JFD Photography: My dear friend Jessica, who went to college with me a few years back. She takes excellent photographs of anything she aims a camera at, and looks lovely in every picture taken of her. Her special interest is in nature and wildlife, so prepare for lush landscapes and curious creatures.

Bohemia Speaks: Beautiful writing, cannot recommend this enough.

Mark: Intelligent opinion and fact based posts about ethical issues such as vegetarianism, the world and everything.


7 responses

  1. Thanks CityShy, I love praise and I can never get enough of it, so I really appreciate that you like my blog and thankyou thankyou thankyou for mentioning it! I’ll also check out those other blogs you list, as I’m always looking for something interesting to read! (and finding it – viz, you)

  2. I’m keeping it in my showcase. Sometimes I explore the tags in search of new blogs that I can enjoy. Thanks for compiling the list. I’ll go through all of them.

    Extra thanks for adding my blog. :) I never knew you were reading me (you don’t write comments so.. :( )

    • I haven’t heard from you for a while either Sajib, I admit I haven’t wordpressed as much as I’d like over the past year, but I’m getting back into it, and always read things even if not in chronological order. :)

      • I’m usually inspired to read back when I receive comments. :) And yes, you were pretty much inactive in blogging. I thought you gave up because of being busy with your professional life (you were studying medical, right?).

        • Yes same here, comments act as a reminder because there are so many fantastic blogs to follow it’s impossible to keep up with them all. It has been one of the busiest years ever with care work and Access medicine study, now waiting to start my new healthcare assistant job, you have a good memory :)

  3. Thanks for the blog promotion, but sadly I think I am done blogging for awhile. I am having internet problems that don’t look like they are going to be getting fixed.

    It seems like we can’t both be blogging on a regular basis at the same time. haha It is kinda sad though. I miss talking with you in comments.

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