Beautiful Minds Professor Andre Geim

photo of Prof Geim

Nobel prize winning scientist Andre Geim argues that “The fourth greatest pleasure in life” is “pissing off your colleagues” and claims “Annoying your colleagues is one of the pleasures I will never give up.”

His playful approach to physics allows him to think outside the box, and rather than thinking of what end result he desires from an experiment, instead he thinks about the many possible results. As with any decent scientist, questioning your surroundings, the work of others, and even your own endeavours is vital.

From levitating magnetic frogs to creating graphene, the world’s thinnest material, Andre’s work is a marvel. His desire to make science fun, and “perform” it to others, even if it means drinking liquid Nitrogen, sets him apart from many scientists.

Never take life or yourself too seriously. Watch Beautiful Minds here.

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