Psychological action thriller – Alan Wake


Red Dead Redemption

Read Dead Redemption.

Rockstar have done it again. They brought us Grand Theft Auto, which rocked my world, and taught me how to stab prostitutes whilst running from a million cops, (and multiple other things).

I admit I haven’t been able to play LOADS yet, but from what I’ve seen I’d say the graphics have improved dramatically, and the plot/dialogue is richer with even more freedom of choice than GTA. Even flowing a little dog slowly through the village, for no reason, turned into a scene where the dog found crime and you had to fight it.

You choose whether to be a famous hero of sorts, or an outlaw with a price on your head. Ideally, complete the game as one role, then replay as the other, that way you can gain the best of both worlds.

The sound is awesome, if you’re riding your horse near someone, you hear what they are saying, but the further you move away the fainter it gets. Everything looks so real that it’s the ultimate form of escapism. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve always been drawn to the Cowboy/Cowgirl stylie stuff, as I grew up watching old Westerns and I even called myself Annie Oakley, with my childhood friend being Calamity Jane (she tried to switch with me one time, and it resulted in a big primary school fight).

The controls are cool; they’re aiming for realism; so controlling a horse is tricky but satisfying. I’ll write a more extensive review soon, this is just a snippet to show my first impressions.


Limited edition from Simply Games= £54.85 (Both Xbox and PS3) Click the link for features. does the special edition a bit cheaper Xbox = £52.54  and  £49.99 = PS3

Standard edition at Xbox 360 & PS3 both = £36.99.

Also, remember deliveries are free.

Tesco Entertainment: £39.70 = Xbox & £39.99 = PS3  BUT enter FTSL15-1 at checkout for 15% discount (meaning this is currently the cheapest)

Amazon: Xbox = £39.70  but PS3 = £54.99

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I’ve heard that you can get the prices to drop by trading in a couple of games.