Ohhhbama Obama

Still funny, and yes I’m still procrastinating a little from things I’m supposed to be doing. Back to work I go.


Grumpy drivers behind you

Indian film dances usually follow filmi songs.

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What do you do when the driver behind you is being a grumpy old cow for no good reason? Wind down the window and play the cheesiest bollywood radio tunes at full volume, grinning with pleasure as the traffic ahead means they can’t escape it.

For the record, I do actually enjoy Asian radio stations, but other road users don’t seem to appreicate.

You need to see this if you haven’t already

‘Drummer at the wrong gig’ went instantly viral, shot two years back but added recently.

ZZ Top’s Sharp-Dressed Man, covered here by Rick K. and the Allnighters. Steve Moore’s drumming is so out of place hilarious, but makes the whole thing worth watching.