I’m one of you!!!

Last night I dreamt I had died, and that purgatory was an endless expanse of shallow water filled with all types of fish, but mainly Koi. Each fish represented a soul, and I was still in human form, unable to swim in the water as it was too shallow, the fish circled my ankles but didn’t recognise me as a fellow soul, and so I tried to swirl the water around and say “I’m one of you!” To no avail.

Speaking of fish…I am still utterly addicted to TapFish on my iPhone. I thought it would just be a phase like with iCoolHunter, where I got to number 3 stat Guru in just a couple of days (I know, very sad and pathetic, my sister won’t let it go even though I quit ages ago).

Tap FishAt least I’m not one of the saddos who spends actual money just to buy fishbucks, no Sir, I earn my fishbucks. Wonder how many people quit playing after they recently announced the paid version would not be updated again. Good thing I always go for the free apps!