Horizon The Truth About Exercise and Fat, My Thoughts

The Truth About Exercise with Michael Mosley, of whom I am a big fan, explores the myths about exercise and how sometimes less really is more. Just a few minutes of exercise per week, split into 3 minute bursts of intense workout can improve insulin sensitivity by 24%, particularly useful for those at risk of diabetes. However, your genes play a vital role in how well your body responds to excercise, some people are classed as ‘non-responders’ and their aerobics do not noticeably improve. As Mr Mosley said when discovering he was among this genetic minority; “Thanks mum, thanks dad.”

The Truth About Fat, lead by surgeon¬†Gabriel Weston explores the fat epidemic spreading throughout Western culture. Our genes, programmed by evolution, tell us to look for high calorie foods; a reflection of what life was like many years ago when food was sparse and any meal consumed needed to be high in calories for energy and survival. But nowadays, when we are spoilt for choice and not always surrounded by the healthiest choices, our genetic makeup is against us. As a nation we are eating more than we need to, and not always allowing ourselves to get ‘hungry’ before eating, as well as plentiful meals there are snacks constantly available.

The programme explores how overweight people often lack sufficient hormonal response to food; so although their ‘hunger’ enzyme is not usually higher than yours or mine, Continue reading