Barack Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It

Definitely put a smile on my face


Depressed elderly man reacts to music from his era

The video above is really touching, it doesn’t give all the facts about him or where he’s from and why he’s in the nursing home, but his reaction to music is undeniable. This acts as a reminder of the power of the brain, how stimulus through sense of sound can awaken neurological pathways that have remained dormant.

It vaguely reminded me of a film I like, The Music Never Stopped.

Sketch of a girl

I’m practicing drawing on the iPad with Sketchbook Pro, my doodles are for an animation project that I’m working on. It’s designed to look flawed, makeshift, sketchy and a bit messy, which is good because I don’t have the patience to meticulously mimic reality, I just quickly scrawl it.

I got official permission from the musician behind Banquet of Illusions, to use his music in my animation piece. Go check the music out at, Sami Artturi Kauppinen offers free downloads for some of the tracks.

Grumpy drivers behind you

Indian film dances usually follow filmi songs.

Image via Wikipedia

What do you do when the driver behind you is being a grumpy old cow for no good reason? Wind down the window and play the cheesiest bollywood radio tunes at full volume, grinning with pleasure as the traffic ahead means they can’t escape it.

For the record, I do actually enjoy Asian radio stations, but other road users don’t seem to appreicate.

For Sale: Download Tickets

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For Sale: 2 Download Tickets

Selling these due to not being able to make the day at short notice =(

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Click the top link for more details!P.S. this blog isn’t for selling stuff, everything else on here is just stuff I like (not for sale). Just thought I’d mention the tickets, as I only found out tonight that I can’t go…