She got a blog at last!

Hands in the air - in concert

Image by marfis75 via Flickr

My old school friend Rebecca (more commonly referred to as Bexy) finally got herself a blog. I say this not just as her friend; her writing is really easy to absorb, uplifting, and above all genuine. She’s really one of the most decent people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. So it’s cool to know that even though we live far away, and hardly see each other anymore, I can stay connected to her on here. I’m really excited to see her next post, her first is so rich and full of free thought.

So, to my very few readers, and even fewer commenters, go and check her out! You won’t regret it.

First Post to a New Host

So, this is my first blog. I have multiple other long lost blogs across the internet, but none contain anything very interesting really…a fiction story journal with my friend Isabelle, an old college blog just filled with verbal abuse/banter between me and a long lost friend, an old Uni blog that I gave up on before it was even started. I do have two personal online journals, but there’s no need to name which site I keep them with, as they are completely locked and private anyhow.

I’ll be using this blog to review, discuss and analyse things. But mainly to procrastinate against higher priority tasks, which will probably debilitate any potential productivity I fancifully strive toward.