‘Knots’ – By R.D. Laing

(Sorry for posting so much today, keep finding old bits on my computer that never got published)

I read a really good psychology book today (March 19th, 2008): ‘Knot’s by R.D. Laing. Some parts I felt were sexist, but a lot of the book is cynical, insinuative, and intelligently ironic, so I concluded that maybe the ‘sexism’ was in fact just mocking sexism…thereby rendering it free of sexism. It’s a book full of delightful moderate contradictions, and explores the cycles of thought in a typical human mind, it does so through poetry and formulas of wording. It’s basically a case of ‘she knows that he knows that we know that they know that he doesn’t know that they know’


Skeleton writing

Embarrassed skeleton grin,
Stink of retire curled within,
Stagnant blood clot on brittle bone,
Abandoned by the body you own,
Origami dreams aflame,
The ideas you never gave a name.

By Ruth Noakes

(And the origami skeleton figure is by Marc Kirschenbaum)

Immune (a sleep deprived “poem” I just wrote)

Don’t so much as look my way,

And if you do, take heed,

For whatever words you say,

My disdain you only feed,

I’ve no high horse,

Nor hopes and dreams,

No set life course,

Or so it seems,

But I know what I’m doing,

Immune to your sway,

Whilst you are still pursuing,

I’m still turned away.