My new baby rabbit

My question, if anyone cares to answer, is if you could keep any animal as a pet which would it be and why? You can ignore legal or ethical restrictions, as it’s just a game of course.

And yes this is one of those cheesy “aww my new pet” posts. Those who know me realise I’m not all bunnies, rainbows and unicorns, but I do love caring for animals as well as people. I have a dog, a tortoise, a royal python and now a rabbit. Of course, the snake lives separately, and I just upgraded him to a huge 4ft long vivarium so he can stretch, climb and have extra hiding places, he’s a very content snake proven in the way he never ever balls up (even though his species are often nicknamed ‘ball pythons because they ball up when wary, scared or stressed), isn’t afraid to come out any time of the day or night right up to the glass and watch you, likes being handled; I often let him come to me by holding my hand out, not forcing him, and has never skipped a meal, in fact he eats seconds even in the winter months when male pythons often fast.

This is Boe the rabbit. He likes running around, jumping, munching, sleeping and having his chin and tummy rubbed. I like how simple pleasure can be found by making a rabbit happy, which probably makes me sound weird, but I just can’t understand what pleasure some hideous people get from abusing animals.